Echo Bed Redefiner Attachment 999442-00465

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Turn your PAS into a bed redefiner to reshape flowerbed edges 7X faster

The BRD attachment features a patented, replaceable 6-fnger claw with brazed carbide tips for rugged durability, an oversized high-impact nylon shield with sight line to keep material contained inside the bed, and a large, adjustable guide wheel to operate at the appropriate depth. The BRD attachment works exclusively with ECHO’s PAS-280 power source.


  • Compatible with PAS-280 and PAS-2620
  • Oversize shield keeps debris contained in bed
  • Patented, replaceable six-finger claw with brazed tips to churn through the toughest conditions
  • Adjustable support wheel for that perfect edge depth
  • Works seven times faster than a shovel

Power Source compatibility: PAS-280 and PAS-2620

Length: 34.8”

Weight: 8.5lb


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