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Magna Matic Blade Grinder MAG-9000

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The MAG-9000 is a solid low cost solution in rotary lawn mower blade sharpening. It provides you with 60 second per blade performance in a small package. Since its release in 1987 the MAG-9000 has become a best friend of lawn care professionals.

Angle Adjustment
Single crank adjustment, allows for angle matching or consistent 30 degree angles.

Powerful Industrial Motor
USA made BALDOR industrial. Totally enclosed fan cooled 3/4 horsepower provides power at 3450 RPM

Performance / Productivity
Able to sharpen a blade in 1-2 minutes - with no limit to the cutting edge length.

Productive Grinding Wheels
Requiring no dressing, quality NORTON grinding wheels are made in the USA.  These wheels will also not burn the blade.

Financing is available for this equipment. Please apply online for the GE Cutting Edge Card. Once you have been approved, please call us at (847) 233-7890 to complete your order, and have GE Cutting Edge Card account number ready. Click here to apply online in minutes for your GE Cutting Edge Card.

Physical Specifications
Physical Dimensions = 12" long x 8" wide x 8" high

Weight = 48 lbs

Shipped weight = 50 lbs

Motor Specs
3/4 HP - Industrial Baldor Electric Motor
3450 RPM
Standard duty
Totally enclosed fan cooled indstrial frame
110 volt 60 hertz / single phase
(220 volt 50 hertz available for export)
Amperage (start = 15 amps) (run = 7.7 amps)
Single capacitor
Foot motor mount
Single direction motor

Drive / Power Transmission
Direct drive

Abrasive Specs (grinding wheels by Norton Abrasives)
(1) 9000-23 (7"x1"x1-1/4") grinding wheel
Alternate grinding wheels that fit the MAG-9000 are the 9000-23, 9000-35, and 9000-34

Included tooling and safety guards
(1) Grit guard with vac attach (2.5" dia hose required)
(1) 9000-21 spanner wrench
(1) 9000-53 arbor wrench

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Magna Matic Blade Grinder

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