Mean Green Solar Canopy (Dealer Installation)

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Mean Green

Mean Green 200W S.A.M. (Solar Assisted Mower) saves our environment.

Energy collected from S.A.M. is immediately converted to power to assist mowing operation of the pure electric mower. Compared to one inefficient gas commercial mower, one Mean Green CXR electric mower can reduce exhaust emissions equivalent to removing about 141 cars from the road per year! Even the Nemesis can reduce emissions equivalent to removing about 15 cars from the road per year by mowing just your 5 acre lot!

Make your electric mower a solar electric mower! Mean Green’s 200W Solar Panel is the perfect addition to the Nemesis-48/52, CXR-52/60, or just mount it to your home or trailer for an additional power source. With the 200W Solar Panel mounted to the Nemesis-48/52 requires ZERO electric at all! The power from the solar panel will be able to charge the Nemesis’ battery and make it net zero.

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