New Vanguard® 200 6.5 HP Single-Cylinder Horizontal Shaft Engine

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New Vanguard® 200

Single-Cylinder engines are the result of listening to leading equipment manufacturers, contractors and owners of rental stores. Every design innovation and integrated technology is customer-driven, because out there where the work gets done, proven engine performance means business.


  • Starts Down to -20°F: Mechanical compression release and choke optimized for improved cold weather starting.
  • Cyclonic Air Cleaner: Standard feature on all Vanguard engines, 600-hour replacement interval.
  • 1-Pull Starting: Starting sequence optimized for shorter rope pull with lower pull force.
  • Nano Media Air Cleaner Filter Element with Auto shed Technology: Proprietary self-cleaning filter media specially engineered to work with the Vanguard 200 engine.
  • Commercial-style Carburetor: Carburetor optimized to ensure reliable starting and smooth-running operation over a wide range of loads.
  • Liquid Cylinder Gasket: Provides more durable seal and reliable lubrication.
  • Stale Fuel Resistance: Specially designed fuel system improves resistance to effects of stale fuel.
  • Acoustically Designed Engine: Air Cleaner, Fuel Tank and Muffler optimized to reduce noise and deliver improved tonal quality.
  • Governed Idle: Allows more usable power at idle, precise speed setting and better load response.
  • Transport Guard® System: Simultaneous fuel/ignition shut-off protects the engine from oil/fuel dilution during transport and allows for both on-engine and remote controls.
  • High Inclination Package: Optional feature allows continuous 45° operation in any direction.
  • Engine Warranty**: Three year limited commercial engine warranty for all applications. REGISTER YOUR VANGUARD 200 ENGINE and receive an additional year of warranty.
  • Engine Cooling: Specially designed blower, rewind and shielding to help engine run cooler for longer.
  • Easy Repower: Accommodates leading competitor's controls and dimensions, making it an easy drop-in replacement.
  • Universal Controls: Easy to convert from manual friction to return-to-idle or fixed-speed without additional parts.
  • Oil Sensor: Protects the engine from low oil level conditions.

Model: 12V3

HP (gross): *6.5

Engine Displacement (cc): 203

Engine Configuration / Shaft Orientation: Horizontal

Shaft Size: 3/4 diameter

Bore (in): 2.68

Stroke (in): 2.2

Weight (lbs): 39.5

Oil Capacity (oz): 20

Lubrication System: Splash Lubrication

Air Filter: Integrated Cyclonic Air Cleaner

Ignition System: CDI Ignition

Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 3.1

Compression Ratio: 8.4:1

Width (in): 14.78

Length (in): 11.39

Height (in): 14.22

Briggs and Stratton

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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