Oregon 090242MA Jackshaft Drive Pulley

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Replaces OEM Part Numbers:

Murray: 090242, 090242MA, 092127MA, 90242, 92127

Fits Models:

Murray: 46250x30A, 46250x65C, 46254x15B, 46258x6A, 46370x5C, 46376x65B, 46377x8A, 46378x62A, 46378x6A, 46378x6B, 46379A, 46379x192A, 46379x192B, 46379x30A, 46379x71A, 46379x83A, 46379x92A, 46379x92B, 46380x50A, 46380x50B, 46400A, 46400x50A, 46400x5A, 46400x65A, 46401x30A, 46401x6A, 46403x199A, 46403x30A, 46403x8A, 46404x21A, 46404x6A, 46404x89A, 46404x8A, 46430x31A, 46430x6A, 46430x89A, 46430x8A, 46431x92A, 46800B, 46804A, 46900B, 46901x192A, 46901x92B, 46904x192A, 46904x92A, 46905x30A, 46906x199A, 46906x99A, 46907A

Outer Diameter: 7-1/2"

Bore: 5/8"

Hub Length: 1-3/8"

Keyway: 5/32"

Type: Steel

Belt: 1/2"

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