Oregon 30-027 Pre-Filter

Price $8.88

Replaces OEM Part Numbers:

Honda: 17211-ZG9-800, 17218-ZG9-800, 432391, 4327383, CODE 432391, CODE 4327383

Fits Models:

Honda: GXV140 A1, GXV140 A1B, GXV140 A1K, GXV140 A1KS, GXV140 A1KT, GXV140 A1KY, GXV140 A1Y, GXV140 A1YY, GXV140 A2, GXV140 A2C, GXV140 A2G, GXV140 A2Y, GXV140 MAC, GXV140 MAD, GXV140 N1, GXV140 N1B, GXV140 N1EA, GXV140 N1GE, GXV140 N1H, GXV140 N1KA, GXV140 N1S, GXV140 N1Y, GXV140 N2, GXV140 N2C, GXV140 N2M, GXV140 N2TA, GXV140 N2TB, GXV140 N2Y

Height: 7/8''

Length: 5-1/16''

Width: 2-5/16''

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