Concrete Saw Parts

Russo Power carries concrete saw parts for saws from Partner, Stihl, Husqvarna, and more. If we don’t have what you need we can get it fast.

Stihl Concrete Saw Parts

Russo Power conveys the best concrete saws in the industry made by marks like Stihl and Partner. We moreover push a huge mixed bag of distinctive cutting edges for the most regular concrete saws. The TS 410 is a lean, clear-off machine that could be straightforward to use and less difficult to uphold. Essentially press the trigger and watch its 12” cutting wheel drudgery through iron, steel, concrete and wishes. Part of our STIHL Cutquik® succession, this model features moved channel designing that programmedly handles one day at a time uphold. Its revolutionary X2 air filtration evacuates 99.96% of particles from air dropping in the carburetor and engine, making its onboard channels virtually upkeep unrestricted. Incredible thing we joined a dangerous to-vibration skeleton to expand comfort – a value you’ll prize after a full day of cutting.

Husqvarna Concrete Saw Parts

Husqvarna K1250/14" ACTIVE Specifications: • Power yield: 7.8 HP • Cylinder Displacement: 7.3 cu. crawl • Blade Diameter: 14" • Maximum Cutting Depth: 5" • Vibration Front Handle: 4.9 m/s² • Vibration Rear Handle: 6.3 m/s² • Sound Level: 102 dB(A) • Sound Power lever, LWA: 118 dB(A) Husqvarna K1250/14" ACTIVE Features: • Robust exceptional wet cutting unit, with level water regulation. • The cutting arm is reversible which gives you an opportunity to cut closer to dividers or the ground. • The drive scarf has an absolutely settled transmission. This keeps out cutting clean et cetera, decreasing wear. • Sealed transmission abatements the wear and slippage risk. • Self-lubing up clutch setting out toward intensified work being. • Easy-change honed steel watch • Replaceable arbor bushing Concerning handheld gas-energized cutters for ordering occupations, with honed bits of steels up to 14" and cutting profundities up to 5", our overwhelmingly considerable model, the Husqvarna K1250, is in a class of its specific. Despite a significant and competent engine, this strong, full-size machine is surprisingly effortless to maintain. The Husqvarna K1250, with an astonishing 7.8 hp yield, is the business area's by and hefty weighty cutter, and can easily drive 14" honed bits of steels.

Concrete Saw Parts

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  1. Stihl TS400 Belt & Air Filter Kit
    Stihl TS400 Belt & Air Filter Kit SKU# TS400-FILTERBELT
    Price $17.99
  2. Stihl Crankshaft TS420
    Stihl Crankshaft TS420 SKU# TS41002
    Price $43.69
  3. Husqvarna Gasket, Bearing Oil Seal Kit
    Husqvarna Gasket, Bearing Oil Seal Kit SKU# EPR121285103823
    Price $16.09
  4. Stihl Oil Seal Kit TS410
    Stihl Oil Seal Kit TS410 SKU# TS41015
    Price $9.49
  5. Stihl Carburetor & Air Filter Kit TS400
    Stihl Carburetor & Air Filter Kit TS400 SKU# EPR311509671247
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