PCW3000 Gas-Powered Pulling Winch GX35

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  • Compact Power
    • Single Line Pulling Force: 1,600 LB
    • Double Line Pulling Force: 3,200 LB
    • Speed: 33 FT/MIN
  • Design
    • The PCW3000 was designed to allow users to safely and effectively pull loads over an unlimited length of rope, without loss of power.
  • Performance
    • Equipped with a Honda GX35 engine the PCW3000 is able to pull up to 700 kg without mechanical advantage.
Series Pro
Designed in 2012
Motor/Engine Honda GX35 4-stroke - 360° inclinable
1.0 kW - 1.3 HP @ 7000 tr/min
Powered by Unleaded gasoline, 86 octane or higher
Drive/Clutch Direct drive (no clutch)
Rope Retention System No
Drum turns when motor/engine is idling Yes
Pulling Capacity  
     Standard drum (single line / double line) Ø 3'' (76 mm): 1,600 lb / 3,200 lb
     Optional drum (single line / double line) No optional drum
Lifting Capacity  
     Standard drum (single line / double line) Not designed for lifting - See INDUSTRIAL Series winches
     Optional drum (single line / double line) ---
     Standard drum Ø 3'' (76 mm): 33'/min
     Optional drum No optional drum
Weight 20 lb
Dimensions (overall) 11-3/8'' x 11-3/4'' x 10-1/4''
     Gear Ratio 200:1
     Brake Anti-reversing roller clutch bearing
Rope (not included) Low stretch double braided polyester
     Length Unlimited
     Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS) 3,395 lb
     Minimum diameter Ø 3/8'' (10 mm)
     Maximum diameter Ø 1/2'' (13 mm)
     Recommended diameter Ø 3/8'' (10 mm)
Included Polyester sling - 2-1/2'' x 6-1/2'
Certification(s) CE
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