Line Trimmers

Top quality Line Trimmers, String Trimmers and Weed Wackers. Commercial Line Trimmers & Commercial String Trimmers from brands like Echo, Stihl and Kawasaki. Gas weed wackers from brands like Husqvarna, Tanaka, and Shindaiwa, Electric weed wackers from brands like Stihl and Worx.

Do you need a two-cycle or four-cycle motor for line trimmer?

Two-cycle motors are still the most famous (the aforementioned are trimmers that need the oil/gas mixture) yet four-cycle motors (they just utilize gas) are making progress. Why? Being as how they are more fuel proficient, run a little quietly, ordinarily begin more effortless and you don't have to intermingle oil and gas for fuel.

How do you know its a value feature on the line trimmer?

As with most things, don't purchase the cheapest trimmer you find. Regularly, the mid-to higher estimated trimmers could be raised preferred and final longer.

Straight or Curved Shaft?

Assuming that you will utilize your unique trimmer for trimming under trees and shrubberies, a straight-shaft trimmer has the compass to make the work simpler. Bended shaft trimmers are usually a little lighter in weight and simple to move for trimming in walkways, carports and fence lines.

Line Trimmers

Russo Power Equipment has highly knowledgeable sales representatives that can help you with selecting the line trimmer you need. Feel free to contact us if you have further questions on what type of line trimmer would be best for your needs.

Line Trimmers

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