Custom Built Programs
to Fit Your Company's Needs

Russo Power Equipment offers custom Fleet Programs as a practical and cost-effective alternative when replacing your company’s old equipment.

Participating in one of Russo’s custom programs helps to eliminate the troubles associated with aging machines and to improve efficiency, productivity, and quality for your business!

Custom Wright & Scag Mower Fleet

Fleet Program Benefits

Higher Quality & More Productivity

With the latest equipment, your company will be able to work at higher levels of production than your current equipment can provide.

Pay Less for New Equipment

Purchasing new equipment through a Fleet Management Program qualifies your company to receive instant fleet rebates that are otherwise unavailable.

Less Maintenance-Related Labor & Parts

Replacing your entire fleet of equipment helps to eliminate the frequesncy of breakdowns and therefore, reduces the need for constant repair.

Receive Discounts on Everything

Participating in a Fleet Management Program saves your company on all items, every time you shop at Russo's.

Look Like the Pros Your Are

Your new fleet will make an impression on your clients by giving your company a polished look to match the results of your work.

Less Parts Purchasing + Less Service Needed + Less Downtime =

Reduced Costs & More Profits

Russo Custom Fleet Program allows you the flexibility and option to trade all the equipment at 25% residual value of the original purchase price after 3 years.

How to Get Started

Step 1 - Schedule a Fleet Analysis

1. Analyze

Schedule your Russo Fleet Analysis online, over the phone, or in store. We'll come out to inspect your equipment and have a chat with you about what you needs and expectations.

Step 2 - We'll create a custom program to fit your business

2. Customize

We will create a custom fleet program specific to your business's needs with the brands you know and trust.

Step 3 - Review program and enjoy the savings and benefits

3. Finalize

Finalize your Russo Power Fleet Program details with your sales representative and start enjoying the benefits of partnering with Russo.

Fleet Program Examples

Echo Mini Fleet (7 Units)

2 Line Trimmers
2 Hedge Trimmers
2 Backpack Blowers
1 Chainsaw

Only $2,025

$168.75 per month
(w/ 0% for 12 months)*

$300 Savings!

Scag Mini Fleet (2 Units)

2 V-Ride Stand-On Mowers
w/ 25hp Kohler Engines
w/ 52 inch Decks

Only $14,944

$311.33 per month
(w/ 0% for 48 months)*

$1030 Savings!

Echo Full Fleet (14 Units)

4 Line Trimmers
4 Hedge Trimmers
4 Backpack Blowers
2 Chainsaws

Only $4,050

$337.50 per month
(w/ 0% for 12 months)*

$600 Savings!

Powering Fleet Solutions

Fleet Management Technology & Tracking Solutions Available

Simplify managing your equipment's hours, location, and maintenance with an easy to use mobile app.

Common Parts At No Cost

Russo will provide your company with the most common parts for the equipment in your new fleet without the up-front costs.

Get More For Trade-Ins

When you trade-in equipment as the warranty ends, you'll have only performed preventitive maintenance and avoided major repairs which depreciates the value.

Multiple Russo Locations

Russo Power Equipment has 5 convenient Chicagoland locations. When you replace your fleet with Russo's, we will pick-up and deliver any loaners or machines under warranty at no charge.

Loaners To Keep You Working

With your Fleet Program, if your machine is in the shop for a repair and we cannot make a repair quick enough, we'll supply you with a loaner until it's complete.

Financing Options

With multiple commercial plans available, Russo Power Equipment always works to offer the best rates in the industry. Speak with a Russo Rep & find the plan that is right for you!

Are you ready to enjoy all the benefits of a custom Power Fleet Program?

Great! Give us a call at (847) 233-7853 or fill out the form and we'll setup your free Full Fleet Analysis.

Russo Sales Manager