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Privacy Policy

Russo Power Equipment values our customer relationships and commits to handling information in the safest way possible. We take great pride in safeguarding our customer’s personal information.
Russo Power Equipment uses the same privacy measures both in our stores and online when collecting customer information:
  • When asking for your personal information, we will inform you what we intend to use the information for.
  • We will offer you the ability to receive marketing information in the future while also providing information on how to stop receiving these marketing efforts.
  • We will do our best to keep the personal information we collect protected by using tested security means.
  • If there is a need to share your information with other companies, we expect them to follow the same stringent privacy policies that we do. We will give our best effort to inform you of any information shared with third party companies.
While doing business with Russo Power Equipment, there may be a need to collect contact information including your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address.
 Your personal information will be used for:

  • Completing product purchases
  • Answering requests for services and information
  • Following shipment of your order
  • Ensuring exceptional customer service
  • Future purchase and commerce opportunities
  • Administering research to analyze for future marketing
  • Sharing upcoming marketing directives
Personal Information Sharing Policy:
Russo Power Equipment will not rent or sell the personal information collected to third parties.
When conducting business with third parties, they are only allowed to use the information given for the specific reason for which it was provided. They will be held to the standard set by our privacy polices, and we will take precautions to ensure that your personal information remains secure. 

Personal Information Security Policy:
When shopping with Russo Power Equipment in stores or online, we use stringent measures to keep your personal information safe and confidential. Russo Power Equipment cannot assume responsibility for any incoming email transmissions or the information contained within when not sent directly through our email server. All emails sent by you are at your own risk. 

Collected Personal Information Provided by Third Parties:
Personal Information that is provided about friends, family, or business; If we are provided your information by someone, or someone gives us their own information, we will use that information only for its intended purpose. An example would be when shipping an order to a business or friend’s address.

Information Collected from Third Parties:
Russo Power Equipment may obtain consumer information for third party services to enhance the accuracy of our records, to perfect our customer’s needs, or to better our identification of new customers. For example, we get updated information from the National Change of Address (NCOA) service to certify that we have the most current contact information.