SnowEx HDV V-Plow Truck Snow Plow Blade Series

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SnowEx HDV V-Plow Truck Snow Plow Blade
The HDV heavy-duty V-plows are built like nothing else on the market. Available in either durable powder-coated mild steel or rust-resistant stainless steel – and with either 8'6" or 9'6" blade widths – the plows boast 16-gauge flared moldboards that are reinforced by two robust angled power ribs. Double-acting angle cylinders, trip-edge protection, adjustable center cutting edges and responsive direct lift round out the many advantages of these feature-packed V-plows.

  • Center pin is robust, yet positioned to make the plow completely flat when in straight blade mode, enhancing snow rolling performance.
  • Choose between the POWER GRIP™ control with backlit buttons or the compact joystick control. Both feature power “on” and float LEDs and are FLEET FLEX system enabled.
  • Receivers simplify attachment and are removable when not in use.
 8.6 HDV9.6 HDV
SKU 77770 77780
Blade Width 8'6" 9'6"
Blade Height 31" at hinge/38" at end 31" at hinge/39" at end
Angle Cylinders 1¾" - 11" 1¾" - 11"
Plowing Width (Straight) 102" - Straight - 112.5" w/Wings
92" - Vee - 115" w/Wings
86" - Scoop - 98" w/Wings
114" - Straight - 124.5" w/Wings
103" - Vee - 126" w/Wings
98" - Scoop - 110" w/Wings
Plowing Width (Full Angle) 90"
115" w/Wings
118" w/Wings
Approx. Weight 972 lb 1044 lb
Cutting Edge ⅜" ½"

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