SnowEx UTV V-Plow Snow Plow 6000

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SnowEx UTV V-Plow Snow Plow
Turn your utility vehicle into a sidewalk snow-removal specialist with the UTV V-Plow from SnowEx®. Lightweight, yet heavy duty, the plow is designed to angle down to 5’ wide, whether in straight, scoop or V modes, making it ideal for standard sidewalks.

  • Robotically welded headgear ensures quality and consistency on every SnowEx>
  • Angle the wings back to put the plow in V position. Adjustable to 5’0” and 5’6” widths.
  • Allows operation of each wing independently or to lock the wings together for efficient straight blade operation and clean back dragging.
 UTV V-Plow
SKU 6000V
Blade Width 6' 0"
Plowing Width (Straight)

72" - Straight - 84" w/Wings

60"/66" - Vee - 67"/73" w/Wings

55"/61" - Scoop - 61"/67" w/Wings

Plowing Width (Full Angle)


67"/73" w/Wings

Blade Height 25.75" at hing/29.25" at end
Blade Thickness 14-ga Steel
Cutting Edge 1/4" x 5"
Blade/Wing Thickness 14 ga
Reinforcement Ribs 6
Trip Springs 2 Steel
Weight 354 lb*

*Does not include vehicle mount.

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