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For professionals, time means money. Spend more of your time on the job instead of servicing your equipment. STIHL's fuel-efficient, low-emission engines and large fuel tanks reduce your need for refuels and can save you money on fuel costs. STIHL blowers are also ergonomically designed to reduce vibration and increase comfort. And most importantly, they provide reliable power – a necessity when you’re using our blowers all day, every day.

STIHL BGA 56 prosumer battery powered blower

The Powerful STIHL BGA 56 with STIHL Lightning Battery System

STIHL's BGA 56 blower combines STIHL performance and exceptional value. Its powerful motor delivers air speeds of 100 mph and an air flow of 353 cfm* at the nozzle. Clear a sidewalk the length of seven football fields on a single charge* with this STIHL AK Series handheld blower. The BGA 56 is also just 7.3 pounds (including battery) for easy portability and maneuverability, and when work is done the onboard hanging slot allows for convenient storage.

BGA 56 Specifications
WEIGHT w/o Battery 4.6 lbs.
w/ Battery 7.3 lbs.
AIR VOLUME AT NOZZLE** 600 m3/h (353 cfm)
AVG. AIR VELOCITY** 45 m/sec. (100 mph)
RUN TIME (w/ AK 20) Up to 20 minutes
*Newton is the force needed to accelerate 1 kg of mass at the rate of 1 m/sec2. **Tested in accordance with ANSI 175.2 standard. All specifications provided by Andreas STIHL AG, as of April 2016. Batteries and chargers can be purchased separately or as a set combined with tool.

STIHL BR 450 C-EF: The world's only professional backpack blower with electric start.

The hassle of starting and stopping backpack blowers is a reality for professional landscapers. The STIHL BR 450 C-EF backpack blower with Electric Start changes all that. No more idling while walking to the next job or removing the unit to restart. And once it’s started, you can expect tremendous blowing power – exceeding that of BR 550. With a large fuel tank, semi-automatic choke system, and easily adjustable tube length and control handle position; this is the ultimate blower for pros on the go.


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