MCR Safety 400JL/400BPL Large Rip Resistant Rain Suit ( Limited Flamibility)

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MCR Safety Rain Suits

MCR Safety

The Cylcone Series offers excellent strength and durablilty for tough jobs. Nylon material is an excellent choice for tough and rugged garments. The Cyclone features a wavelock pattern nylon between two layers of PVC that gives it a great rip resistance and abrasion resistance. The 400J is a jacket with detachable drawstring hood, snap front, take up snaps on the wrists. It features a plain back, no pockets, and no underam to help prevent gathering and or leaking of liquids.  Limited flammability, NOT intended for use as protection against ARC Flash or Flash Fire.Stay warm and dry with MCR Safety yellow 3 piece rain suit. This suit is flame resistant! Size Large.

.35mm PVC/Nylon/PVC, Rip-resistant wavelock nylon pattern, yellow
Snap front
Detachable drawstring hood
Take up snaps on each wrist
Limited flammability, NOT intended for use as protection against ARC Flash or Flash Fire 

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Limited Flammability – Items that are considered as having “limited flammability” have been tested using test method ASTM D-6413 to observe the materials reaction to open flame. This is not a standard. These materials may melt and/or burn when in contact with flame, but will self-extinguish within a matter of seconds once the source of the flame is removed. By selfextinguishing, these materials will help reduce the potential of further burn injury as compared to other rainwear that is not
treated or considered to have “limited flammability”.

Limited Flammability items should not be used as protection from Flash Fire or Electric Arc.

Choose the proper garment for your application

Standards for FR clothing

ASTM F1506- Electrical Workers exposed to Momentary Electric Arc and Related thermal Hazards
ASTM F1891- Arc and Flame Resistant Rainwear by workers who may be exposed to thermal hazards of momentary electric
arcs and open flames. It does not however apply to electrical contact hazards or electric shock hazards involved with electric
arcs nor to flash fire hazards such as industrial hydrocarbon flash fires or other petrochemical flash fire hazards.
ASTM F2302- This specification provides minimum requirements for labeling protective clothing as heat and flame resistant
for applications where the potential for flame contact or high heat exposure exist
ASTMF2733- Performance criteria for flame resistance rainwear used by workers with the potential to be simultaneously
exposed to wet weather conditions and either hydrocarbon or petrochemical industrial fires. It does not apply to rainwear
used for thermal electric arc flash hazards
NFPA 1977 – Requirements for protective clothing and equipment to protect against the adverse environmental effects
encountered by personnel performing wildland fire fighting operations.
NFPA 2112- Standard on Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire and developed to
apply to garments used in areas that can be exposed to flash fires.
This information is provided as a guide only and is not to be considered a warranty of product performance. Due to the diverse
field conditions and other variables which can affect any garment’ s resistance, MCR Safety disclaims all warranties (expressed
and implied) as to product performance. Sample products are available, upon request to permit customers to determine
whether a given product meets their requirements for intended applications.

Series: Cyclone
Brand: MCR Safety
Category: Rainwear
Components: 2 pc Jacket
Material: PVC / Polyester
Color: Yellow
Limited Flamability: Limited Flamability
Series Up: Navigator
Thickness:.35 mm
Front Closure: Snap
Fly: Yes
Storm Flap: Yes
Size: L
Length: 49"
Pant Cuff: 10
Collar: Rounded
Hood: Detachable
Wrist Closure: Take up snaps
Marketing Group: Garments

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