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Toro MB TX 2500 Tracked Mud Buggy®

Price $23,340.00

Toro's Tracked Mud Buggy® represents the ultimate in productivity, jobsite efficiency and ROI - with controls that are intuitive and easy-to-use, superior traction and maneuverability, high weight carrying capacity and a powerful engine.


  • Powerful Engine

The durable and proven 25 hp Kohler Confidant engine powers the Tracked Mud Buggy and allows speeds upwards of 6 mph


  • High Carrying Capacity

The machine and its components have been designed and tested to achieve a 2,500 lbs carrying capacity, which improves durability and longevity


  • Auto-Return Dump

This feature ensures the tub automatically returns to resting position so the operator can focus on retrieving the next load of concrete


  • Durable Tracks

Endless Kevlar® reinforced tracks ensure maximum strength and performance


  • Serviceability

This machine has been designed with notably less hoses and fitting, reducing points of service and cost. Belts, hydros and batteries are all easily accessible along with the engine compartment for efficient routine maintenance


  • Ride-On Platform

Suspended, ride-on platform results in less operator fatigue and folds up for ease of trailering

Capacity 16 cu. ft. (0.45 cu. m.)
Engine 25hp* Kohler Cofidant
Speeds 6 mph forward, 3 mph reverse
Weight 1,575 lbs.
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