Treegator Jr Pro 15 Gallon Watering Bag 98185

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Treegator Watering Bags 15 Gallon


Treegator is a slow release watering system for new trees. Our Treegator Jr. Pro delivers a high volume of water directly to the root system of a newly planted tree or shrub with no run-off or evaporation.

Treegator Jr. Pro features a low-profile design that enables it to fit under plantings with branches beginning only 6" from the ground or higher. Plus, it's made of durable brown PVC plastic that allows it to seamlessly blend with the surrounding landscape.

Other watering bags may look like, or even claim to work as well or better than a Treegator Slow Release Watering Bag… But Treegator is the ONLY watering bag for trees that has been used and trusted by industry professionals worldwide since 1991.

Refer to the charts below for a recommended watering schedule using a Treegator Jr. Pro Slow Release Watering Bag, being sure to note the following qualification:

Recommendations are based on a commonly referenced guideline of 10 gallons of water applied per 1" of tree caliper.

15 gallon capacity
(56.78 liters)
Trunk Caliper
Fills per Week
1 to 2 inch
(2.54 to 5.08 cm)
1 Fill per
2 to 3 inch
(5.08 to 7.62 cm)
2 Fills per
4 to 5 inch
(10.16 to 12.7 cm)
3 Fills per

Note that during especially dry and/or hot periods of weather, these watering schedules may need to be increased. Also, trees and shrubs planted in sandy or porous soil should be watered more frequently. Conversely, during periods of rainfall / high moisture, a Treegator Bag should be filled less frequently.

Note: Proper watering frequency can vary depending on several factors (tree and soil type, weather, etc.) This recommendation will NOT guarantee that your tree is being watered properly - Use it only as a guide. Consult a local gardening or tree care professional for more information on proper watering practices for your particular tree type and region.

Treegator Slow Release Watering Bags are covered by a limited warranty against any defects in materials and / or workmanship by the manufacturer, Spectrum Products, Inc.

Treegator Jr. PRO is covered by a 3-year manufacturer warranty from the original date of purchase.

What is covered under the warranty:
Product failure due to defect(s) in any materials used in the manufacturing process.
Product failure due to faulty or poor workmanship by the manufacturer.

What is not covered under the warranty:
Product failure relating to abuse, accidental damage, animal / rodent damage, or vandalism of any kind.
Product failure due to improper use or storage according to published installation instructions and handling precautions.

Please Note:
Any / all Treegator products deemed to be defective by the manufacturer will be replaced with a Treegator model of equal value.
Spectrum Products, Inc. does not issue refunds and / or credits for any defective Treegator item(s).
Defective Treegator item(s) may be required to be returned to manufacturer for inspection before replacement product is provided.
Products deemd unusable upon inspection may not be returned to customer. Any products deemd to be defective per the criteria noted in the limited warranties above will be replaced with a Treegator model of the same kind at no charge to the customer.

Please contact Spectrum Products, Inc. to arrange for defect inspection or replacement.

Filled with water: 36" diameter x 7" tall

Fits planting with trunks up to 5 inches in diameter.
Made of brown PVC with "gator-skin" embossing.
UV-stabilized to withstand exposure to sunlight
Continuously waters for approximately 5 to 8 hours.
Removable dual emitter system solves clogging issues.
Convenient handle allows for easy filling.
Use on a level surface or properly built mulch pile.
Holds approximately 15 gallons

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