Trimmer Trap BB-1-WB-4 Blade Blocker (Walk Behind Mowers)

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Trimmer Trap

Trimmer Trap BB-1-WB-4 Blade Blocker (Walk Behind Mowers)
The first and only discharge baffle designed to maintain compliance by operating in conjunction with the factory installed discharge shield on your mower. With Blade Blocker on your mower you can quickly open and close the baffle from your seat. Just think, no more blowing grass clippings off of mulched areas or vehicles. Your properties will look much better the first time you use Blade Blocker, and your labor to clean up will be considerably reduced! Best of all your customers will not complain about grass clippings in freshly mulched areas. The unique design incorporates a multitude of features that provide versatility and adjustability. Blade Blocker installs on practically any walk behind lawn mower.



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